Wedding Sand Ceremonies: An Up and Coming Trend

This is a type of celebration by couples during a wedding ceremony. Usually people have been using the unity candle which symbolized the coming together of different families following a marriage between their children.  Recently with the interaction of people from different backgrounds and traditions have led to the introduction of a new way of celebrating the unity.

Wedding sand is becoming popular that this has been attributed to beach weddings. Near the site where the material wedding is taking place, a table is placed there. Decorations are made taking care of the theme of the wedding. The traditional aspect of the ceremony is where a single vase is placed at the table's center. The vase holds the gifts and presents that have been contributed by the people who will be involved directly in the wedding.

Most of the times the bride and the bridegroom gets two colors of the site sand. One color goes to the bride's family and the other one to the groom's family. Then each parent moves down the aisle, he or she usually heads to the table having the sand and then pours some sand of their color choice, interchanging the colors as they signify the bonding of the families. The container can either be carried by one of the parents or the brides may decide to put the containers to surround the Unity Vase usually placed on the table center. By doing this, the parent usually moves to the table and takes their specific container which is often labelled using card holders. They then pour the sand contained into the unity vase. Get wedding sand samples here!

Also other couples usually include their grandparents in the celebration whether they are living or departed. When this happens any other generation is usually represented by a small container containing sand. When the parents take their seats then the marriage celebration kicks on. Towards the culmination of the wedding, the bride and the groom then walks to the table and they pour the two containers of the remaining sand that acts as a seal for the Unity Vase. If the wedding ceremony is religious then the couple may request the vase be blessed. For more details about weddings, visit .

The joining together of the usually small grain of sand, one by one up to several thousand it usually becomes substantial. Therefore as the unity vase symbolizes that the two families have joined together just as the unity candle does. This wedding sand celebration advantage is that it gives a chance for inclusion of other members and the couple usually have their gifts displayed for long even after the ceremony. Check this website for more info!